Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nerd Alert!

Over the past few days, I've been pondering what a giant GEEK I have become and nerd/geek culture. How did we get here? I remember in high school, I thought my brother was so dorky (sorry, bro) and I was too self-involved to really care about any of it. I was busy trying to be cool but not so cool that I was accepted into the popular crowd. But lets be honest- I've had it in me all along. I love to read. And I was in color guard in high school- that's like being an honorary band geek! So really, I was just kidding myself into thinking that WAS NOT me.

Last year, I took my first road trip to Dragon*Con- I'm feeling a strong desire to be back there again this year, sadly its not in the cards for me as that dorky brother of mine is getting married. This year, I have spent 2 days at Disney in a months time. I'm going to a Rays game- for the sole fact that its Star Trek night! And I paid $20 to see Iron Man 3 in 3d/IMAX!! Who does that?! (Apparently, a lot of you do as well). Don't ask me how many books I've finished already this year, either.

The great thing about being a geek is you make the definition of what being a Geek means to you! Whether it be comic books, video games, games, movies, anime, books, or any combination of these. And you don't have to understand all of them to be accepted into the geek community. Just weak your geek flag with pride and you'll be fine!

For me, I don't understand Dungeons and Dragons. (But I dated someone who loved it and I watched him and his friends play.) Or any of those types of games for that matter. I. just. don't. get. it.

What I will do---- I will play Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, or Journey until you hate it.

I have a love for Dr. Horrible, Chuck, Sherlock, Being Human US, and... Dr. Who! And let me tell you, I'm ready for the Doctor to come find me ;)  What was I so afraid of- these are hot guys ready to save the world and/or us girls! Please don't mind the drool in the keyboard. (For all you feminists ready to holler that girls can save themselves- I am fully aware because ERMAGHERD did you see how bad A Pepper Potts is now?!!?!)

I read fantasy books- All. The. Time. Serious book worm right here, guys. I've never been afraid to admit that- but sometimes its like an addiction. I feel like if I walk away from a book I'm going to miss something! Its a little mental, I know; but I also know- some of you are thinking the exact same thing.

I suppose part of this was inspired by The Militant Baker- she talks about self love and acceptance. Which I think I took something away from that and it opened up these other aspects.

So, in conclusion of tonight's little soap box meeting: Be yourself and be proud. Haters gonna hate. Or something.

Do  you have something in your life that makes you who you are but took you a while to accept? Tell us!

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