Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Up-Cycled Envelopes

The laptop is still MIA. So here's a crummy post from my iPod. I found a fun And easy up cycle on Pinterest (shocking I know).

All you need:
Return security envelopes
Washi tape

Carefully peel apart the envelope. Some scraggly bits are ok along the edges because the tape will cover it.

Reverse the envelope folds and tape!

Ta da!

Before you send out, seal the envelope with tape.

So stop throwing away those envelopes!!

What quick crafts have you whipped up lately?!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bunny Shaming

Well, after years of protecting the cords and not having to buy replacements, the streak is over.
Poor quality picture, but you get the idea.

 I'll be squirrel-ing away my laptop battery juice til the replacement charger arrives. I promise to work on new stuffs in the meantime.

Of course, Indy thinks its a game.

Go Picnic!

I discovered an amazing product on Groupon a while back- gopicnic. Everything you need for a quick and easy meal at your desk neatly packaged in a "picnic basket". Today, while at Target, I decided to make my own. Partially due to the fact that my Target only carries 3 varieties now and they are 2 for $7- on a good sale day. When not on sale- $3.99 a box!

Here is my shopping list:

Simply Balances Fruit Strips or Twists- $2.99 for a box of 10 or 6 ($0.50)
Archer Farms Multi Seed Crackers- $2.15- 4.5 servings ($0.53)
Archer Farms Raw Mixed Nuts- $5.00/bag on sale!- 6 servings/each (bag says 11 but I need more nuts!) ($0.83)

Sistema 2 compartment container- $5

I already had a jar of Motts Apple Sauce (~$3 and 11 servings) ($0.30) and Tupperware container (~$3).

**(prices before 5% Target card savings)**

Food costs alone- $13.14 OR $2.16 per meal. (If you want to get really technical its JUST over $2.00/serving with my Target card).

Not including my granola bar, aka camuppin, I take every day. And I think I need something to put on the crackers- peanut butter, honey, Laughing Cow mini cheeses...

I'll probably substitute crackers for pretzels some days or try different varieties of nuts and crackers. I think its a good start and worth the effort (I'm not going to do all the math, but there's way less Sodium in these individually versus the gopicnic).

Needless to say I'm excited for lunch tomorrow and hopefully its as delicious and filling as it looks!

Any suggestions? How do you pack a yummy, low effort lunch?

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Interwebs Round-Up

Some people read the news daily, religiously. I choose feel good, (generally) happy readings.

So today I am going to blog about bloggers.

The sabbatical of Epbot took recently was very disruptive, so I am eternally grateful she is back! I check in almost daily to see what's new.

The Bloggess is another lady I admire. Its truly enjoyable to read about her antics. She has a book I have yet to read, so I better get on that as it'll be a TV series in a few.... years.

Other noteworthy blogs include CakeWrecks (also by Epbot, where it all started for her) which I used to read on a daily basis! Its great because posts are generally short and updated on a daily basis. Sundays are fun, Sunday Sweets offer inspiration. And CuteOverload- for your daily dose of cute aminals!!
Well, there you have it. Now, share with us your go-to-blogs, won't you?! (Not that I need more to read...)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Post Wedding crafting

When the party is over, the bills are paid and everything is cleaned up... What do you do with all the remaining Stuff?! Well, the flower part is easy. Dry the flowers for display! I took my bouquet, chose the best of the wilted flowers and dried/pressed them.

To dry flowers, hand them upside down until they get that nice crisp/crunchy feel to them. I strung them up with some hemp rope. When they are nice and dry, generously spray with hairspray.

To press flowers, you will need lots of heavy books, preferably with shiny pages. The flowers tend to stick to paper pages. Layer the chosen ones in a few books, stack them under more heavy books (I even added a large ceramic vase to the top of the stack). And let sit for many days. This process worked well for the small yellow roses and a tall purple flower. The others got brownish and not very pretty.

I took my pressed flowers, a shadow box, scrapbook paper, glue dots and ribbon to make a display.
The dried flowers I put in a small vase.
They look quite nice with my Halloween décor, don't you think?
My apologize for the lack of progress pictures. As usual, I thought of it too late. Plus some of you demanded to see AFTER the fact. ;)
Anyone have any wedding crafts to share?!