Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY make up applicator cleaner

S*%/$ about to get crazy! This is how I spend my Saturday nights. I decided to clean my make-up brushes. This is so easy, takes 5 minutes, and you'll have everything in the house! 

What you'll need:

Equal parts dish soap (for cleaning) and olive oil (for conditioning) 

A small dish

Paper towel

Swirl dirty brush in mixture and rinse off in water. Viola! Clean brush, just reshape and set to dry. The brush on the left is clean, the rest, well here's how it looks:

And the finished product:

Big difference!

Of course I'd like to point out that I used Seventh Generation dish soap and the candy corn colored make up pad is from Ollie's Boutique on Etsy! 

Do you have any fun home made recipes for cleaning?!?

You can also find the original tutorial here:

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Monthly Round Up

What I did while I wasn't here:


Saw the new Star Trek. Twice! Once in 3D once in Imax. True Imax was not meant for regular movies, its fun for documentaries but movies are hard to watch!

DISNEY! Last day on my Disney pass, but I got more than I paid for!  Heres Cinderella's Castle before the rain set in.
And Ariel's Cave during the storm:
This time I went to meet Ariel in her Grotto. It did not disappoint. She was engaging, enchanting, and convincing, I felt like a little kid again, in a good way!

Cool things to gawk at:

You will never be this cool- Pipe Cleaner Sculptures

Which I got from: Epbot

And all the tights in this shop: FUN

So where were you all this month!?