Sunday, December 1, 2013

Brotherly Love- Living with Pets

So, you may or may not know, rabbits run our house. Recently, we've been trying to get our two to become more comfortable around each other. At first, it wasn't going well.

Indy, who is almost 5 years old (middle aged), has been an only bunny for the better part of his life.
He's kinda spoiled.

Nero, a rescue approximately 2 years old (teenager), wants to not be an only bunny.

This is how tonight's interaction went:

Running, scuffling, lounging, thumping. All somewhat OK until Indy decided he wanted to check our Nero's corner of the apartment. Nero comes running right over to me/us on the sofa, looks up and Thumps! Thumps! Thumps! Hilarious I tells you! This is a huge milestone in our relationship, he recognizes us and knows who takes care of things when they get out of hand. Anyway, guess its ok for him to be in Indy's business but not the other way around.

Other than that, Indy spent a good portion of the evening at my feet. He knows who his momma is. =) But hopefully we are on the right track to allow them to spend more time together and less supervised.

Everybody is back in their respective "rooms" and winding down for the evening.
What crazy antics do your pets get up to!?

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