Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wedding Ceremony Readings

As a non-traditional/traditional couple with no focus on religion and for a friend reading the ceremony- I found myself having to WRITE the blasted thing.

Actual conversation with the fiance:

Me: Can I read to you some of what I've written for the ceremony?

Him: Ceremony?!

Me: Yes, the ceremony...

Him: Oh..... I thought we were just going to get up there and say "I do."


So, in my quest to write a ceremony I discovered its harder than it sounds. You need length, and interesting things to say. I researched online and used Offbeat Brides, my brother sent me a book they had used, and a friend send me a [lengthy] document with many options.

I then discovered a book on my shelf "For You, My Daughter" - a Blue Mountain Arts collection of poetry. Here are some of my favorites:

When you are happy,
I'll love you with
a joyful heart.
When you are sad,
I'll love you with a heart
made a little heavier
by your tears.
When you are right,
I'll love you with a heart
filled with pride.
When you are wrong,
I'll love you with a heart
that has learned acceptance.
When you succeed,
I'll love you with
a cheering heart.
When you fail,
I'll love you with a heart
that rewards the efforts you've made.
When you dream,
I'll love you with
an encouraging heart.
When you give up,
I'll love you with a heart
that is strong enough for both of us.
When you are simply you,
in whatever mood or phase of your life,
I'll love you with all my heart
and more than you'll ever know.
~Linda Sackett-Morrison

I am always here
to understand you
I am always here
to laugh with you
I am always here
to cry with you
I am always here 
to talk to you
I am always here
to think with you
I am always here
to plan with you
Even though we
might not always
be together
please know that
I am always
here to
~Susan Polis Schutz

I will support you
in all that you
I will help you
in all that you
I will share with you
in all that you 
I will encourage you
in all that you
I will understand you
in all that is in your
I will love you
in all that you
~Susan Polis Schutz

i wish for you warmth
when it is cold outside

i wish for you a star
when the night is dark

i wish for you courage
when the world is afraid

i think of you, i wish for you
and i know you know
that here, there is a heart
and a home;
and here, there is someone
who loves you
more than any wish could ever give.
~Laura West Rosenthal

I enjoy the knowledge that we'll make it
through whatever life brings
with courage and with love
through the years.

More than you know...
and more than I can ever say,
I feel a wonderful thankfulness
in my heart... just for you.
And I want you know remember, though
my thoughts don't always convey
and my feelings don't always show,
I love you, and I always will...
more than you know.
~Andrew Tawney

I hope that today
and always
the love I have for you
is reaching out
and touching you-
making your days
a little brighter
and your heart
a little warmer

I hope that today
and always
you are aware of how
special you are to me
and how lucky I feel
to have you in my life
~Susie Schneider

if a day
should go by
when I don't say
"I love you..."

May never a
moment go by
without you
knowing I do
~Daniel Haughian

If I could stand beside you always,
I would.
If I could carry you over all the obstacles,
I would.
If I could turn all your tears to laughter,
I would.
If I could tell you
all that will happen to you,
I would
But I can only tell you
one thing with certainty:
I love you.
And I hope my love will
shine on all your tomorrows
and brighten every step
you take in the future.
~Dorothy Hewitt

 You probably don't realize how important
you are tome. There are times when the
one thing that helps me get through the
day... is thinking of you.

You bring happiness to me when the world
seems to be wearing a frown. When things
don't quite go as planned and my world
seems upside down, my thoughts of you help
to set things right again.

You are so important to me.
You make me think, you make me laugh,
you make me feel alive. You put things
in perspective for me. You provide support
and encouragement, you lessen my worries,
and you increase my joys. If my life were
a puzzle, you would be the one piece that
was a perfect fit.

Every day... I think of you.
And I've got a million smiles to prove it.
~Marin McKay

PHEW! I'm all typed out. Though many of these did not make it into the actual ceremony, I hope you find some inspiration here!

Tell me, where have you found unexpected inspiration lately?!

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