Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Simple Jewelry Fixes- DIY

Since I didn't got to MegaCon over the weekend, here's a quick Jewelry update:
The necklace on the [below] right I've had for ages. I didn't wear it often because it didn't lay properly. At over 3' long it wasn't working for me. I took off over 1.5' and now its an adorable bib-style necklace. This isn't the first necklace I've adjusted this way. Such a simple solution!
PS Don't discard the remaining links- use them again for another project another day!
Next up, a cheap looking, junky and chunky heart pendant. The cute crown tarnished but I held on to it to repurpose. Finally got around to it. The little pink deer is from a pair of earrings, sadly the earring hooks tarnished.

I pried the crown off easily, then sanded down the residue from the epoxy.

Finally, I stacked my pieces on top and super glued them into place.

And just like that, without spending a dime, using what I already had- I now have TWO "new" pieces of jewelry. *happy dance*
Tell me, what have you repurposed lately??