Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Getting Older

As my 30th birthday approaches I can feel things subtly shifting within me.

I'm less tolerant of other people's indecisiveness, drama and general lack of commitment/consideration.

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I'm increasingly interested in doing more with my free time, including volunteer work. Which, I'll admit, I have yet to actually start. Mostly I stills just sit around and craft or do laundry in my spare time. But I've taken some steps towards other things.

I also want a child- in the not SO distant future. I've always had random urges to have children. I just feel it stronger within me. Like down to the core. Almost as if something was missing in my life. (Not to be confused with wanting to be pregnant, then birth a child - can we skip that part?)

I just want to start a family, have another little person around to fill the void. I can feel it.

Its a little unsettling. But I just watched an awesome clip of Drew Barrymore talking to Ellen about turning 40 and how she "finally feels her age." In a good way. And you know what? I think I might too.

Though, I DID just get carded while ordering a cider at lunch with my parents. So there's that.

Don't get me wrong. I have a good life. Not always great, but good. Good food on my plate. A reliable new car. A decent roof over my head. And a husband who works his arse off to make our lives better. What more could I want on the cusp of 30?

Tell me, what are your getting older stories?

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