Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Certain Shade of Green- Going Green

A few years ago I decided to "Go Green." Not in all aspects of life because, lets be honest, we've all got some creature comforts we don't want to live without. So I think at this point in life I've found the "perfect shade of green." Going Green to me means adapting our every day lives to help ease years of damage we have done to ourselves and this massive hunk of rock we live on.

My first step was grocery shopping. Every Sunday, or just about, we go grocery shopping with an armload of reusable bags. I slowly started with just two and now we probably have more than 10 in the house. The best part is, reusable bags are everywhere and a majority of mine I didn't pay for! Oftentimes you can find someone giving these away for free. I hope that more places start offering incentive to use green bags, like Ikea where you have to bring your own or buy and Target where you get 5 cents off per bag you use.

During the week if I have to run to the store for something I opt for a plastic bag at the store. BUT I do this because I reuse those too! Plastic bags make great trash bags for bathroom/office cans. We also use them for pet waste. Every couple of days our rabbit's litter pan needs changing... plastic bags are the perfect size!

My next step was investing in Lunapads! That monthly visit from Aunt Flow is uncomfortable enough without having to deal with itchy, yeast-infection-causing store bought pads! I only wish I had found these sooner, I would have been saved years of discomfort. The health benefits are enough to make me switch, the green benefits are an added bonus. Lunapads estimates "that a single Lunapad replaces approximately 120 disposable pads or tampons." Considering the waste our cycles cause annually is in the double digit billions, you should be buying some right now! You'll save money too, as a set of these should last up to 5 years.

 (Lunapads starter kit example)

I've also invested in the Diva Cup (which I have yet to master) as well as a cloth handkerchiefs- all from Lunapads. I love my cloth tissue, but I suffer from allergies and would need too many of these to ditch the Kleenex box all together. So pretty and soft blue breeze pattern>>

I have lots more Going Green/Natural tips. But for now- whats are you doing to find your Shade of Green?

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