Monday, March 28, 2011

Soap Making 101

As of 4pm today I have a new respect for those that make soap for a living. For Christmas my brother gave me a soap making kit. It has taken me til now to attempt it. I have more than a creative bone in my body so I thought it might be 'easy.'


As it turns out, its a long process. It took me over an hour to make four soaps and wreck the kitchen. Which now smells like fragrant oils since it spilled all over the counter and the instruction sheet. Here is the result of a ruined manicure:

Pretty colors sure...

Not very pretty details...

I'm sure with a little practice I could get better results. But the next time I try this, it will be under the care and supervision of a professional. In the meantime I will go back to purchasing from some of my favorite stores like Sunbasil Garden. Clearly she has a talent for it.

Have you ever attempted something new only to learn its not as easy as you'd think?


  1. yes often - just being creative makes you want to try everything that you see only to find that it is harder than it looks - if you are looking for beautiful soaps (for less work) you could also try the soapdragon or barsoap they also have amazing stuff and definitely have a talent for it. I commend you that you attempted it and they look pretty too.

  2. You did great! And one of my favorite parts of melt and pour soap is - even if it doesn't turn out as you can still use it. Good for you for doing it. Thanks so much for the sweet soap mention. I'm always soaping so stop on by anytime :)

  3. Thanks =) I will attempt it again at home to finish the rest of the kit. But I'm definitely taking a class on it as well!