Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Effects

I don't know where it started or why, but I've always loved having something on my nails. Like many other girls, I want them to look flawless. Like many others in this economy, this means doing them myself at home. No problem, I say! I certainly don't mind taking the time to pamper myself and I do a mean french manicure on my own! On the other hand I use my hands a lot. I do the majority of the housework/cleaning and my job sometimes requires serving/preparing food. So traditional nail polish tends to not last long with me- food safety reasons aside. Even with the latest and greatest technology, nail polish simply does not last! Except on toes... until now...  
Real Day 2 Picture

 I hate paying full price for things I have never tried before, so I had a manufacturer coupon and an Ulta coupon- done deal I had to try these! The package says they are easy to apply and last up to 10 days! Well let me tell you- ITS ALL TRUE! I was skeptical at first, but if it hadn't been for the fact that my nails grew out too much, I could have exceeded 2 weeks! As it were, I landed 2 days shy of 2 weeks. And I've bought a second pack. Without a coupon, they run about $10. I figure a new at home manicure every 2 weeks = only $20 a month! Vs your traditional salon manicures.

 Tips and pics-

TIPS: Make sure you follow the directions (esp cleaning your nails and pushing back cuticles). If you keep your nails short, only open up one of the packages of 6, cut the strips in half if it looks like they will cover 2 nail lengths and your $10 will go twice as far! After 2 days I added a clear coat on top to protect them and added a little more to the tips of my nails every couple of days just to be sure.

 So far the only con I can see comes at removal. They do remove easily enough with nail polish remover, but they have a weird slimy residue. It'll end up all over your fingers, so be careful and wash your hands!

<Day 12 you can see how my nails were growing out. Although you can't see the small chips/cracks here.
 That being said, My nails feel 10x stronger and look 10x better naturally after I took them off, not sure why but I may wait a couple of days before I put on the next pack. Next color Blue Sparkle. I can't wait to try all the fun colors and patterns!

In the end:
Easy to apply! Easy to maintain! Easy to love!

Have any 'can't believe this works' products you'd like to share??

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