Monday, October 7, 2013

Post Wedding crafting

When the party is over, the bills are paid and everything is cleaned up... What do you do with all the remaining Stuff?! Well, the flower part is easy. Dry the flowers for display! I took my bouquet, chose the best of the wilted flowers and dried/pressed them.

To dry flowers, hand them upside down until they get that nice crisp/crunchy feel to them. I strung them up with some hemp rope. When they are nice and dry, generously spray with hairspray.

To press flowers, you will need lots of heavy books, preferably with shiny pages. The flowers tend to stick to paper pages. Layer the chosen ones in a few books, stack them under more heavy books (I even added a large ceramic vase to the top of the stack). And let sit for many days. This process worked well for the small yellow roses and a tall purple flower. The others got brownish and not very pretty.

I took my pressed flowers, a shadow box, scrapbook paper, glue dots and ribbon to make a display.
The dried flowers I put in a small vase.
They look quite nice with my Halloween décor, don't you think?
My apologize for the lack of progress pictures. As usual, I thought of it too late. Plus some of you demanded to see AFTER the fact. ;)
Anyone have any wedding crafts to share?!


  1. The shadow box is gorgeous! I love the background. In the past I have used wax paper to keep the flowers from sticking in the pressing process. How do you keep the stems so bendy (specifically the one on the far right)?

  2. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of wax paper- next time! I think the bendy stem was just luck- the way the flowers were before I pressed them. =) But I also made sure they were positioned well before I closed the book on them.