Monday, October 21, 2013

Go Picnic!

I discovered an amazing product on Groupon a while back- gopicnic. Everything you need for a quick and easy meal at your desk neatly packaged in a "picnic basket". Today, while at Target, I decided to make my own. Partially due to the fact that my Target only carries 3 varieties now and they are 2 for $7- on a good sale day. When not on sale- $3.99 a box!

Here is my shopping list:

Simply Balances Fruit Strips or Twists- $2.99 for a box of 10 or 6 ($0.50)
Archer Farms Multi Seed Crackers- $2.15- 4.5 servings ($0.53)
Archer Farms Raw Mixed Nuts- $5.00/bag on sale!- 6 servings/each (bag says 11 but I need more nuts!) ($0.83)

Sistema 2 compartment container- $5

I already had a jar of Motts Apple Sauce (~$3 and 11 servings) ($0.30) and Tupperware container (~$3).

**(prices before 5% Target card savings)**

Food costs alone- $13.14 OR $2.16 per meal. (If you want to get really technical its JUST over $2.00/serving with my Target card).

Not including my granola bar, aka camuppin, I take every day. And I think I need something to put on the crackers- peanut butter, honey, Laughing Cow mini cheeses...

I'll probably substitute crackers for pretzels some days or try different varieties of nuts and crackers. I think its a good start and worth the effort (I'm not going to do all the math, but there's way less Sodium in these individually versus the gopicnic).

Needless to say I'm excited for lunch tomorrow and hopefully its as delicious and filling as it looks!

Any suggestions? How do you pack a yummy, low effort lunch?

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