Monday, October 14, 2013

My Interwebs Round-Up

Some people read the news daily, religiously. I choose feel good, (generally) happy readings.

So today I am going to blog about bloggers.

The sabbatical of Epbot took recently was very disruptive, so I am eternally grateful she is back! I check in almost daily to see what's new.

The Bloggess is another lady I admire. Its truly enjoyable to read about her antics. She has a book I have yet to read, so I better get on that as it'll be a TV series in a few.... years.

Other noteworthy blogs include CakeWrecks (also by Epbot, where it all started for her) which I used to read on a daily basis! Its great because posts are generally short and updated on a daily basis. Sundays are fun, Sunday Sweets offer inspiration. And CuteOverload- for your daily dose of cute aminals!!
Well, there you have it. Now, share with us your go-to-blogs, won't you?! (Not that I need more to read...)


  1. Those are some great blogs and mostly on my list already thanks to you :) another great blogger is Vegemitevix you might want to add that for interesting reading too you can find her here

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm glad you're enjoying them too!