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Man and Wife! Say Man and Wife! - Off Beat Ceremony

It's our 6 Month Anniversary! So in case you want to re-live our ceremony like I do... please enjoy! :)

*Adam to play everyone in*
Juan w/ Rings *Lauryn Hill*
Julia and Monte *Lauryn Hill*
Me and dad *Foo Fighters*

Good evening. Our bride and groom would have asked me to take a moment to thank all of you being here to share this very important day with them. As all of you may know, Nelson and Meagan are both… well… how shall I put this?
They’re geeks. There. I said it. They love Sci-fi movies, Super Heroes and video games almost as much as they love each other.
And so, before we begin, I’d like to take a moment to recite for you some of the most romantic… and geekyest quotes that Nelson and Meagan could find.
There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive, wormhole refractors… But you know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold” (Doctor Who)
See? Beautiful. But geeky.
I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone” Arwen to Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings
I came across time for you. I love you. I always have. Kyle Reese to Sarah Connor – From The Terminator
If we join together, no force can stop us” (Excerpt from the Klingon wedding Ceremony of Worf + Jad-zia. Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

And of course… No geek wedding would be complete without this quote. The final word on marriage in all of Geekdome.
“Mawwidge- Mawidge is what brings us togethah today. mawidge, that bwessed arrangement! That dweam witfin a dweam. Then Wuv… Twu wuv… will fowwwow youuuuuuuuu foweverrrrrrrr. So Tweasure your wuv.

All right. Let’s get on with it….
And on that note. I think we are ready to begin our ceremony.

An Irish Blessing, selected by the bride.
May the gentle breeze bear witness to this ritual and carry a message to all the lands.
May the sun warm their hearts, and its ever-burning fire fuel their desire for each other.
May the sea provide for them its bounty and comfort their souls with its sounds.
May the earth lend its strength and reveal its mysteries.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here today to be witnesses to the union of Nelson and Meagan, whom we all know and love. But perhaps none have loved and influenced them more than their own parents. It is with great respect that we ask their parents to bless this union.
Mary and Joe
Do you sanction this marriage with your blessing and receive these two respectively into your homes, with love, as a member of your family?
*we do
Nelson and Carmen.
Do you sanction this marriage with your blessing and receive these two respectively into your homes, with love, as a member of your family?
*We do
Thank you. Without your blessing… this could have been very awkward.

And who has the rings?
Let us not forget that a ring is nothing more than a bit of metal, precious metal, but metal none the less. It is cold, until warmed by loving hands.
At this time, we are going to pass the ring box around the room. I ask that each of you hold the ring box for but a moment, and warm it with your love, then pass it along. As you, their family and friends do so, please wish these two health and happiness; all that is noble and good in life. When these rings come back they will contain in their precious metal, that which is more precious… that which is priceless: your love, hope, and pledge of support.
In the meantime, Meagan and Nelson have selected some readings that speak about who they are both as individuals and together as a couple.
First, we would like to invite Juan to come forward for a reading of the Essential Rumi
Reading of the Essential Rumi
When I am with you, we stay up all night
When you’re not here, I can’t go to sleep

Praise God for these two insomnias!
And the difference between them

The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you
Not knowing how blind I was

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere
They’re in each other all along

We are in the mirrors as well as the face in it
We are tasting the taste this minute
We are in pain and what cures pain, both
We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours it
I want to hold you close like a lute so we can cry out with loving

You should rather throw stones at a mirror?
I am your mirror, and here are your stones.

Thank you, Juan. Our next poem is going to be read… by you.
Starting from Nelson’s side, going down each row, everyone has numbered lines of poetry on the back of their programs. Starting with number 1 and going through 24, we would ask that you each stand up and say the line of your poem in turn. The poem is entitled

To Love is not to Possess by James Kavanaugh

1- To love is not to possess,

2- To own or imprison,

3- Nor to lose one's self in another.

4- Love is to join and separate,

5- To walk alone and together,

6- To find a laughing freedom

7- That lonely isolation does not permit.

8- It is finally to be able

9- To be who we really are

10- No longer clinging in childish dependency

11- Nor docilely living separate lives in silence,

12- It is to be perfectly one's self

13- And perfectly joined in permanent commitment

14- To another–and to one's inner self.

15- Love only endures when it moves like waves,

16- Receding and returning gently or passionately,

17- Or moving lovingly like the tide

18- In the moon's own predictable harmony,

19- Because finally, despite a child's scars

20- Or an adult's deepest wounds,

21- They are openly free to be

22- Who they really are–and always secretly were,

23- In the very core of their being

24- Where true and lasting love can alone abide.

Thank you all. Well done indeed.

Now, to our bride and groom. I ask that you please take each others hand.
These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and vibrant with love, that are
holding yours on your wedding day, as he promises to love you all of his days of his life. These
are the hands that will work alongside yours, as together you build your future, as you laugh and
cry, as you share your innermost secrets and dreams.
These are the hands that will wipe countless tears from your eyes; tears of sorrow and tears of
joy. These are the hands that will comfort you in illness, and hold you when fear of grief
overwhelm you.
By now the rings have been passed through out the room. And now, the rings have made their way from your loving hands which have endowed their precious medal with warmth and happiness to the hands that will bear them into the bonds of marriage.
Wedding rings have long been a symbol of love. Nelson and Meagan, these rings are a symbol of your love for each other. Your rings say that even in your uniqueness you have chosen to be bound together.
Let these rings also be a sign that love has substance as well as soul, a present as well as a past, and that, despite its occasional sorrows, love is a circle of happiness, wonder, and delight. May your lives and your family always be encircled by love.
Nelson, please take Meagan’s left hand in your own and repeat these words:
“I give you this ring as a symbol of our love” (repeat)
As it encircles your finger,” (repeat)
may it remind you always that you are surrounded” (repeat)
by my enduring love and faithfulness
(Nelson puts the ring on her finger)

Meagan. Please take Nelson’s hand and repeat after me.
“I give you this ring as a symbol of our love” (repeat)
As it encircles your finger,” (repeat)
may it remind you always that you are surrounded” (repeat)
by my enduring love and faithfulness
(Meagan puts the ring on Nelson’s finger)

The Bride has asked her brother, Jacob, to come up and read another short poem.

I Like You by Sandol Stoddard
I like you because
If you find two four-leaf clovers
You give me one
If I find four
I give you two
If we only find three
We keep on looking.
… I like you because if I am mad at you
Then you are mad at me too
It's awful when the other person isn't
They are so nice and hoo-hoo you could
just about punch them in the nose.
… I would go on choosing you
And you would
go on choosing me
Over and over again.

Nelson, Meagan, you have professed your love by exchanging your vows. You have symbolized your commitment by exchanging rings. I have but one more question to ask…
Do you promise to outlive each other, to pull time apart for each other, to change the future together,
to always kiss goodnight, and to be the others’ player two for the rest of your days?
-I dos
Meagan and Nelson, you have just engaged in a perpetual war that will drain you to eternity.
And now, by the power vested in me- by these two –
Say Man and Wife:
Man and wife! You may kiss the bride! Make it so!

*We return back down the aisle, Adam comes down aisle playing our first dance song, we have first dance at double doors leading in (Rupert Holmes- Escape)*

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